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photo Marcin Oliva Soto
Galleryphoto Marcin Oliva Soto

"Music to hear, why hear’st thou music sadly?
Sweets with sweets war not, joy delights in joy.
Why lov’st thou that which thou receiv’st not gladly,
Or else receiv’st with pleasure thine annoy?"
Whose speechless song, being many, seeming one,
Sings this to thee: “Thou single wilt prove none.”
William Shakespear, Sonnet 8

Nostalgia is missing the past but also looking forward to the future with hope. That's why for today's concert we decided to choose 2 compositions which have 17 year gap between their origination. 

First will be the "Shakespear's Sonnets" perfromed by pianist Joanna Wicherek and countertenor Michał Sławecki. Author has chosen Shakespear's poetry to for his musical reinterpration. Composition was dedicated to his wife.

After that, the "Counting-out rhyme" - focused more on a group of 3 voices and 9 instruments. It uses the physical equations for acceleration and slowing down to create quasi-rock/quasi-baroque fugue.