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Bartłomiej Wąsik, photo Julia Brodowska
GalleryBartłomiej Wąsik, photo Julia Brodowska

"We are inspired by songs, of which listening in a car make us forget the last 8 kilometers. Songs, that make us either call our closest or smile to everyone around." BARDO

There is nothing amazing in connecting voice with the sounds of piano. However, when 2 sensitive artists, who are not afraid of their delicacy, meet each other, something new is born - from the depths of heart.

Such was origins of BARDO duet, in which Barbara Kinga Majewska and Bartek Wąsik were bounded together by their weakness for songs. They met each other as interpretators and performers of modern artists' scripts, but discovered their common creative calling. She shares her voice and lyrics, he decorates them with sounds of piano.

What music should be desired by musicians? How to perform, without losing wistfulness? What kind of music wants to be heard by performers? How to create music, so you could feel everytime like it's your first time with it?

These reflection led to the programme SONGS, which hides intriguing titles and brand new quality.