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Bardo, photo M. Zakrzewski
GalleryBardo, photo M. Zakrzewski

"Song has many faces",Cyprian Łakomy for "Głos Wielkopolski", 20.11.2017

The 10th edition of is an occasion for the Festival for wrap-ups or for recreating itself. Looking for the this-year's prorgamme, one could say that its creators prefered 2nd idea. Even the main organiser - Michał Merczyński - said so before the Festival.

Contrary to the previous editions that were partly or mainly focused only 1 artist, the 2017 edition had several heroes.

1st evening was dedicated to Paweł Mykietyn. We could hear his "Shakespear's Sonnets" from 2000 performed by Joanna Wicherek and Michał Sławecki. Though the intentios of the composer (He wrote "Sonnets"  for his wife - Katarzyna) and the skills of both singer and pianist were impressive, the atonal character of coposition was very different from the aura that Nostalgia offers.