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Nostalgia Festival Poznań 2016, photo Jagoda Waśko
GalleryNostalgia Festival Poznań 2016, photo Jagoda Waśko

Four past editions of Nostalgia Festival have been accompanied with a special program of meetings, developed and implemented with Meakultura Foundation – Music Criticism Workshops.

The meetings are not only for musicologists and music critics, but for everyone who wants to talk and write about music and broaden their theoretical and practical knowledge. Music Criticism Workshops are a platform for creative education, exchange of ideas, conversations, discussions, and most importantly, a place where we can experience music together.

Each edition provides us with new subjects and perspectives for reading music and using it as a medium of communication. This year’s meetings are devoted - in running with the theme of the festival - to song, the role of lyrics in music and the development of this genre throughout the ages. 

Analysing songs means going back in time, nostalgically looking backwards in search of old solutions, interpretations and artistic motivations. When interpreting the orchestrations by chosen festival artists we pose questions about the reasons and the meaning of their longing and returning to old traditions. What transforms a nostalgic look backwards into creative inspiration? Is missing the past a universal phenomenon, or maybe just a sign of our times? To answer those and other questions during the Music Criticism Workshops we talk about the artists invited to the Festival, their work, inspirations and roots. We look at the songs presented by them from two perspectives: we analyse the music and the lyrics, which are inseparable and which co-exist at Nostalgia jointly.

The texts created during Music Criticism Workshops will be available on the Nostalgia and Meakultura Foundation websites.