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The Nostalgia Poznań Festival has been presenting the phenomenon of contemporary music in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe for ten years. This year we invite you to a special jubilee edition of the music festival dedicated to "Common Song".

Song is a democratic, egalitarian and ahistorical species for us, which can be understood in many different ways, none of which will be wrong. The starting point for programming Nostalgia was the work of British tenor John Potter - "Amores Pasados", issued by ECM Records, which we have been cooperating with since the beginning of the festival. In the program two concert nights.

The festival will take place on 16-18 November 2017 in Poznań. We would also like to remind the audience of the popular Café-chantant, where, with the accompaniment of the piano, we will present Polish, 19th-century traditions of common singing.

The concerts will be accompanied by an open program of audiovisual shows, documentaries and feature films devoted to "common songs" and talks with artists and music critic workshops from Meakultura. This year, meetings and films will take place at the Malta Foundation and concerts at the Aula Artis. Tickets for the concert will be free.

Detailed program will be published in mid-October at www.nostalgiafestival.pl.